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Small Questions to Save the World

We didn’t have room for all the poems we wrote for our new book, so here is one that was left out! It’s Global Recycling Day, so this seems appropriate:


Small Questions to Save the World


Was it made here?

Or was it flown in?

Will I use this again?

Or go in the bin?


Will this recycle?

Am I wasting food?

Can I mend this instead

of buying one new?


Can I walk to school

and get fit and trim?

Does it need plastic wrap?

Does it have palm oil in?


Can I give this away

when I’ve finished with it?

Or make something else

if I take it to bits?


Shall we make it at home

rather than carry-out?

Do I need it or want it?

Can I do without?


© Liz Brownlee


Image © Personal Creations, Flikr, by CC License,